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Miracle amidst the Jungle at Kanchanaburi Jungle Resort 1

Miracle amidst the Jungle at Kanchanaburi Jungle Resort

Miracle amidst the Jungle at Kanchanaburi Jungle Resort Author : Jungle Resorts River Kwai RESOTEL is a serene hideaway with 93 jungle-setting chalets surrounded by verdant greenery beside the Kwai Noi River. The resort offers a turquoise pool, soothing herbal treatments, a sun deck pier with daybeds for riverside lounging and adventurous excursions along the…

The Mon people and their village.

Mon: The earliest civilizations of Asia

Close to the RESOTEL resort is a Mon village, having lived there for many years, the inhabitants have become a part of the resort just as much as the owners. Many of the villagers work in the hotel and both need each other. But who are these Mon villagers, where do they come from, and…

The Beauty of the River Kwai & its history 3

The Beauty of the River Kwai & its history

History tourism is something almost everyone experienced, some in a holiday with a complete purpose of visiting heritage sights and learn about their history. While for others it might be a day excursion in-between other activities. But what is it exactly, when would you define it as History Tourism and what makes people so interested…

Best War Museums of Kanchanaburi | Museum of natural history 5

Best War Museums of Kanchanaburi | Museum of natural history

The WOII was a horrifying happing all over the world. While Germany was concurring Europe, Japan invaded many Asian countries. Many prisoners of war were forced to work for the Japanese army to construct a railway connecting Thailand with Myanmar (Burma) to supply the Japanese army forces in Myanmar. The railway meant death to many…

World’s smallest mammal 6

World’s smallest mammal

The Kuhn Kitty bat is also called Bumblebee bat or Kitty’s hog-nosed bat because of its typical appearance. It is world smallest bat, weighs less than two grams and is just 3 centimeters long. This recently discovered animal is so-far only found in the caves of Kanchanaburi in West Thailand and in the Southeastern area…

All about THAI FRUITS 7


Tasty, Juicy and Pulpy Fruits in Thailand. There are plenty of Thai fruits in Thailand. One of the best taste and variety is found here. People from around the world are attracted towards this taste of juicy, pulpy Thai Fruits. Here, we explore some of important facts on fruits in Thailand:- ORANGE | Thai name:…

Best touristic attractions in Kanchanaburi 8

Best touristic attractions in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is one of the best places to have a break. This is near Bangkok, the capital, and it proposes many interesting touristic attractions while offering pleasant landscapes. The Bridge over the River Kwai is one of the most famous attractions in Kanchanaburi. Built by prisoners of war, it is part of the Death Railway….

Resotel - The Best of Kanchanaburi Hotels 9

Resotel – The Best of Kanchanaburi Hotels

The River Kwai Resotel – Kanchanaburi Hotels & Resort (ริเวอร์ แคว รีโซเทล) offers you a perfect blend of serenity, comfort and adventure. It is located in the marvelous backdrop of stunning greenery and the history- charged river Kwai and offers every imaginable kind of comfort and at the same time is the perfect home base…

River Kwai Resotel 10

River Kwai Resotel

River Kwai Resotel (ริเวอร์ แคว รีโซเทล), a marvelous natural resort in Kanchanaburi, Invites you to a passionate nature that surround by beautiful greenery mountains, pleasant historical river – Kwai noi and imposing rocky cliffs. For you to impressive experience nature closely with rooms designed in a Tropical Chalet is nestled amidst the lush green jungle…

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