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River Kwai Resotel

About River Kwai Resotel

River Kwai RESOTEL resort is our second hotel in Kanchanaburi and in SERENATA Hotels & Resorts Group that was created by the ‘Passion’ of the owner who loves not only the nature but also the local community. Located in Saiyok district near Saiyok National Park, it is also a habitat of an amazing creature that cannot find anywhere else. ‘Kitti’ Bats, the smallest bat in the world, live here in our area. The River Kwai which passing by our eco resort holds the true legend of WW 2. The green jungle with varieties of vegetation including bamboo forest and amazing gorgeous cliff range along the river. These are the reasons River Kwai RESOTEL resort is set up in the middle of lush tropical jungle embraced by lofty green mountains in Saiyok, River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. The location spot was picked up 35 years ago and that there is no one else can replicate this remarkable uniqueness.

The beauty of River Kwai speaks for itself. A little treasure cove of scenic splendors in Thailand, it remains somewhat shrouded in the mist to be explored. With a perfect blend of serenity, comfort and adventure lies on River Kwai RESOTEL resort, reputed as “the Miracle amidst the jungle”, has led itself to be the top hotel in River Kwai, Kanchanaburi where every traveler should visit and explore.

0-6 yrs.