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Thailand Dragon Fruits

Tasty, Juicy and Pulpy Fruits in Thailand.

There are plenty of Thai fruits in Thailand. One of the best taste and variety is found here. People from around the world are attracted towards this taste of juicy, pulpy Thai Fruits. Here, we explore some of important facts on fruits in Thailand:-

ORANGE | Thai name: SOM

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Oranges in Thailand

Thai oranges are among the juiciest of oranges with a yellowish-green peel and bright orange flesh; the segments are generally eaten fresh or squeezed for juice. The overall season for Thai oranges is September through November, although they can be enjoyed year-around.

APPLE | Thai name: A-PUN

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Apple in Thailand

Apples are not readily associated with the tropics, yet the fruit is widely popular. Several tropical Asian countries have planted apples in cooler hilly areas and it is possible nevertheless to find a tasty crisp apple in Asia. The Thai name for apples is adopted from the English word but pronounced “a-pun”.


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Rose Apple in Thailand

Rose apples generally have only a faint flavor with a hint of sweetness and are prized mainly for their crisp juiciness. Pleasant to bit into raw, they also go well in all types of salads. In Thailand, the rose apple is commonly used in preserves.

BANANA | Thai name: KLUAY

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Banana in Thailand

In Thailand, bananas come in a range of sizes, shapes, skin colors and flavors. The banana is native to the region and can be found growing wild on hillsides and in secondary forests. Thai’s utilize not only the fruit, but eat the banana flower with “Phad Thai”, and use banana leaves as an all-purpose wrapping for steamed or baked food and as a disposable plate.


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Thailand Dragon Fruits

Dragon fruit is a beautiful fruit grown in Southeast Asia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Israel. The plant is actually a type of cactus, and the fruit comes in 3 colors: 2 have pink skin, but with different colored flesh (one white, the other red), while another type is yellow with white flesh.

Dragon fruit is a low calories and offers numerous nutrients, including Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, plus fiber and antioxidants. Dragon fruit tastes wonderful, sweet and crunchy, with a flavor that’s like a cross between kiwi and pear.

JUJUBE | Thai name: PUT-SHAR

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Thailand Jujube – Sweet and Sour Thai Fruit

Jujube is varying from round to elongate and from cherry-size to plum-size depending on cultivar. It has a thin, edible skin surrounding whitish flesh of sweet, agreeable flavor. The fruit can be eaten after it becomes wrinkled, but most people prefer them during the interval between the yellow-green stage and the full red stage. Tests in Russia indicate a very high vitamin C.


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The fruit is grown in southern Thailand particularly in areas of high humidity i.e. Narathiwat, Nakornsrithamarat, Surat-Thani, Chumporn. It appears in clusters as small round balls with soft pale yellow skin inside the flesh is smoky white with a sweet taste. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and vitamin B1 B2 and C. Season of Longkong in Thailand April – November.