Kanchanaburi is one of the best places to have a break. This is near Bangkok, the capital, and it proposes many interesting touristic attractions while offering pleasant landscapes.
The Bridge over the River Kwai is one of the most famous attractions in Kanchanaburi. Built by prisoners of war, it is part of the Death Railway. It has been destroyed during WWII and rebuilt afterwards, but the curved spans are still the original ones.

Hellfire Pass Memorial Museum is also a must do. This is the name given to a part of the Death Railway built by prisoners. Basically, this is a long portion of rock dug by POWs. The name comes from the idea of a similarity between the scene of prisoners working with torches at night and hell.

The JEATH War Museum is about the construction of the Death Railway as well. It presents objects that belonged to prisoners such as tools, maps and weapons. Each letter of JEATH is representing a nationality involved: Japan, England, Australia & America, Thailand and Holland.

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Then, quite a lot of attractions could be interesting and pleasant in surroundings such as Mangkorn Thong, Ban Kao, Prasat Muang Singh Historical Park, Tham Keng Lawa, Three Pagodas Pass, Erawan Waterfalls and so much more.