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River Kwai Resotel

Onsite Activities

River Kwai RESOTEL resort by far is one of the best hotels in Kanchanaburi providing you numerous recreational activities for both relaxation and adventure making your stay the most enjoyable and memorable ever.


River Fun






Route: 距離River Kwai密林木筏(我們的姐妹度假村)嬉水下游桂河Resotel酒店度假區出發。全程約30分鐘,這取決於你的速度。





* 特別價格騎大象加竹筏漂流:每包2400銖(2人)

Evening Live Entertainment

Mon Village and Mon Temple

Visit original Mon Village to witness the way of living of Mon people. Mon is an ethnic minority whose origin is in Myanmar, Here they live peacefully and their tradition has been continually practiced. Mon temple is reserved for religious or spiritual activities of Mon people. The temple structure is grand and unique.

The village and temple are situated at our sister hotel in Kanchanaburi, River Kwai Jungle Rafts – floating hotel. You will be transferred by a long tailed boat to this floating hotel for the visit. The village and temple are on the shore. You will need to do an easy short walk.

THAI MASSAGE (Recommended)

Take some time to escape from your days with our pampering massage session that will rejuvenate your body and mind. River Kwai RESOTEL Resort offers Thai Traditional massage, an art of local meditation, harmonizing human mind with the nature. This massage primarily helps blood circulation and gives you utmost relaxation and great health.


The Mon dance is an uncommon spectacle exclusive to this region of Thailand. What sets the Cultural Mon Dance Show at River Kwai Resotel Resort apart is its authenticity, rooted in generations of tradition. Our performers are Mon Villagers, led by a master who experienced the era when Mon dance flourished in various parts of Myanmar. Today, witnessing such performances is a rarity. Our Mon dance is a genuine live orchestra featuring traditional brass musical instruments, with the performers being the Mon villagers themselves.

Show time: 8.00 p.m. daily
Admission ticket fee: 200 baht per person
(You can purchase at Resort with receipt.)

Nature Lover

Mountain Biking

Our bike trails are routed around the resort land to the Lawa Cave. It is a unique adventure location while at the same time preserving the plantation’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. Guests can bike through tropical orchards and palm garden.

THB 100 Baht / bike / hour

Lawa Cave

Explore the Kanchanaburi’s largest and most famous cave located in Saiyok National Park. It has not been fully exploredyet due to its gigantic size under the earth. The cave is beautifully designed by nature with stalactites and stalagmites in many unique formations. The Lawa Cave consists of chambers inside. Each chamber has its own stunning are stalactites and stalagmites formations.

Also you will witness khun Kitti bat, the world’s smallest bat, living in the cave. River Kwai Resotel is just located by this remarkable cave.

Orchard Walk

Taking a relaxing walk in our tropical orchards at the back of our resort is recommended. River Kwai RESOTEL resort grows a variety of tropical fruits such as mango, rose apple, sweet banana, durian, jackfruit, pomelo, lime, rambutan, papaya, longan, dragon fruit and others. There are also a tropical palm garden nearby.

Bird watching

Owing to the abundance of the forest and also next to national park reserve, there are numerous birds such as Hornbills, Kingfishers and egrets etc.

Sun bathing

Beach is not only place to get tanned. Here you can just lay down on bamboo pier which also appears to be a part of your room balcony listening to the river’s whisper. Sun bathing in the tropical jungle is actually better than on a beach due to higher level of air moist that helps to protect your skin.

0-6 yrs.